Work Samples

Below you can find examples of the work I have done in materials physics, computational micromagnetics, and in other fields.

I contributed a talk at the American Physical Society 2018 March Meeting in Los Angeles.

At the APS March Meeting with Sarah Deutsch, my mentee in the Magnetics Lab at UA, who presented her research as a poster

This is the SURF Colloquium Program from the plenary talk I gave on Materials for Magnetic Nanothermometry at the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

At the SURF colloquium with my mentor Dr. Cindi Dennis (NIST).
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In graduation regalia with my mentors Dr. Robert Shull (NIST) and Dr. Claudia Mewes (Alabama).

Here is the abstract of the poster presentation at the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference (New Orleans, November 2016).

At the MMM conference with my poster and 3D printed model of an iron unit cell

The poster was presented at the International Conference on Microwave Magnetics in Tuscaloosa, AL in June 2016 and received the Best Poster Award.

“Theoretical Investigation of Damping in Exchange Bias Systems” – ICMM 2016 Poster

With my mentor Dr. Claudia Mewes at ICMM 2016 in Tuscaloosa, AL where I received the Best Poster Award

While my career goals lie within the realms of science and technology, studying late-19th and early-20th century history has always been a great passion of mine.  The following is the final paper from an Honors College seminar I took called “The Roosevelts.” In the course, we examined the Ken Burns documentary of the same name with guidance from our professor, Dr. Stephen Schwab, who has conducted extensive research in the libraries of Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt.

“Dare Mighty Things” Roosevelts Paper

The following is the poster I presented at the Saban Research Conference 2014 on my sickle cell disease research, an example of my early scientific writing.

“MRI Assessment of bone marrow iron stores in chronically transfused sickle cell disease patients”